RDS 80

Artikel-Nr.: 0RDS80
electronically controlled soldering station, 80 W, non antistatic

RDS 80 with soldering iron RT 80 (0RDS80)
RDS 80 with soldering iron RT 80 (0RDS80)



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The universal, digital soldering station from Ersa

  • Digital soldering station with robust and powerful RT 80 soldering iron
  • PTC heating technology with 290 W heat-up power
  • Large, clearly legible display
  • Three programmable fix temperatures
  • Stepless temperature setting from 150 to 450 °C
  • Standby and auto-power-off function
  • Large selection of competitive, exchangable soldering tips (series 832 and series 842)

(115 V version, only in the USA)


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